Watcher of the 2000s

Watcher of the 2000s is my review series about a dude who comments on various media from the 90s and the 2000s. The writing is done by me, and the art was formerly done by Esseez and I. Art is now done by Dave Hicks.

Episode List:

Season 2 Episodes:

26. Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
25. Neopets Retrospective Part 2: Neopia and Quests
VAS 5. John DiMaggio
24. Neopets Retrospective Part 1: Pets, Economy, and Games
VAS 4. Cristina Vee
23. DragonBall Evolution
22. Top 10 Samurai Jack Episodes
VAS 3: Kevin Michael Richardson
21. Dexter’s Laboratory (Second Run) Review

Season 1 Story Arc (Project 13′) Episodes:

Project 13′ (Story Cut)
20. Top 10 Nostalgic Songs
19. The Batman Review
18. Justice League Unlimited Review
17: Teen Titans Review (Part 2)
16: Teen Titans Review (Part 1)
VAS 2: Dee Bradley Baker
VAS 1: Grey Delisle
15. Justice League Review
14. Static Shock Review
13. Top 10 Animated Supervillains

Season 1 Standalone Episodes:

12: Johnny Bravo Review
11: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Review

Special: Top 10 Unintentionally Hilarious Quotes

10: Eragon Review

09: Jackie Chan Adventures Review

08: Top 10 Ed Edd n Eddy Episodes

07: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Review

06: Xiaolin Showdown Review (Part 2)

05: Top 10 Disturbing Nostalgic Moments

04: Xiaolin Showdown Review (Part 1)

03: Yeah! by Usher and the Club Music Trend

02: Top 10 Animated Superheroes

Special: Disturbing Courage Episodes Follow Up

01: Dexter’s Laboratory (First Run) Review


III: Scooby Doo (2002) Review
II: Top 10 Powerpuff Girls Episodes
I: Top 10 Most Disturbing Courage the Cowardly Dog Episodes


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