Cuttleboss Plays Spin Stadium

While Watcher is still on break (read: Semester is still not over yet!), Cuttleboss takes a little bit of time to play Spin Stadium, an Ed Edd n Eddy game where you use tops to knock into other tops. This is not really a lets play, because it’s dubbed, but hopefully you may still enjoy it.

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Update Announcement and Cuttleboss Plays Pharaoh Phobia

So, where the hell is the new Watcher of the 2000s video? Not here. For his first out of character post, Cuttles explains why he’s not made a Watcher episode in a while and when it will return. He also announces plans for Arc 2, a possible new show, and some voice acting. Then afterwards, he gets to his first attempt at a Lets Play, suggested by some facebook fans, taking on a series of lets plays based on flash games he used to play long ago on sites like CartoonNetwork and Neopets. This episode features the Courage the Cowardly Dog game, Pharaoh Phobia. How does Cuttles fare unscripted?

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Watcher of the 2000s: Neopets Retrospective (Part 2: Exploring Neopia and Quests)

Watcher goes to explore the world of Neopia, from Neopia Central, Tyrannia, Meridell, Brightvale, the Haunted Woods, the Lost Desert, Terror Mountain, Krawk Island, Mystery Island, Maraqua, Faerieland, Virtupets Space Station, and Kreludor. Then after that long riff adventure, he looks at the questgivers, and how great it is to recieve said quests from these many sources.

These will not be all the upcoming videos, they will be divided up with other reviews.


Watcher of the 2000s: Neopets Retrospective (Part 1: Pets, Economy, and Games)

The Watcher takes a different path than usual. He prepares to look at one of his most visited children’s websites as a child, Neopets, and examine everything he remembers about it, the site that contributed to the popularization of the internet.
In this part, Watcher reintroduces the site, talks about pets, the economy, and games.

These will not be all the upcoming videos, they will be divided up with other reviews.


Voice Artist Spotlight : Cristina Vee

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Today, the Watcher discusses the career of anime and video game voice actress, Cristina Valenzuela. Known for her youtube covers and super cute voice, she’s captured the hearts of many in her career.

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