Other Reviews

This is where I post my reviews that aren’t made as part of the “Watcher of the 2000s” webseries.

Written Reviews:
5-24-14: Godzilla 2014 Written Review
4-10-14: Captain America The Winter Soldier Review
3-29-14: Muppets 2011 and Muppets Most Wanted Review
3-9-14: Non Stop Review
1-1-14: The Wolf of Wall Street Review

12-26-13: Her Review
11-24-13: Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review
11-12-13: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Review
10-23-13: Persona 4 Game Review
7-22-13: Only God Forgives Review
7-13-13: Pacific Rim Review
6-16-13: Man of Steel (Superman Z) Review
5-26-13: Star Trek Into Darkness Review
5-12-13: The Great Gatsby 2013 Review
5-5-13: Iron Man 3 Review


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