Watcher of the 2000s: Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Review

Watcher returns to finish off the Live Action Scooby Doo series once and for all after he left off two year ago. Directed by Raja Gosnell again and Written by James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy), how does this one hold up?



Watcher of the 2000s: Neopets Retrospective (Part 2: Exploring Neopia and Quests)

Watcher goes to explore the world of Neopia, from Neopia Central, Tyrannia, Meridell, Brightvale, the Haunted Woods, the Lost Desert, Terror Mountain, Krawk Island, Mystery Island, Maraqua, Faerieland, Virtupets Space Station, and Kreludor. Then after that long riff adventure, he looks at the questgivers, and how great it is to recieve said quests from these many sources.

These will not be all the upcoming videos, they will be divided up with other reviews.


Watcher of the 2000s: Neopets Retrospective (Part 1: Pets, Economy, and Games)

The Watcher takes a different path than usual. He prepares to look at one of his most visited children’s websites as a child, Neopets, and examine everything he remembers about it, the site that contributed to the popularization of the internet.
In this part, Watcher reintroduces the site, talks about pets, the economy, and games.

These will not be all the upcoming videos, they will be divided up with other reviews.


Watcher of the 2000s: DragonBall Evolution Review

Adventures of a terrible adaptation, suffered by our all loving hero. The Watcher dives into a world of pain to make sense of Dragonball Evolution.


(Today, the Watcher decides to review a thriller with James Spader and Keanu Reeves, a film released in 2000, called “The Watcher”, which drew our hero’s attention on the virtue of being eeriely similar in google-ablility as his online moniker.)


Project 13′ Story Cut

This is Project 13′, the 2013 arc of Watcher of the 2000s, in all it’s entirety. It’s a semi-dark Sci-Fi drama, presented in the webseries’ 3rd person visual novel style. There were many bumps in production, so the first 1/3 is quite different from the rest. This version cuts out all the reviewing.

This is assembled from the following episodes of Watcher of the 2000s: Johnny Bravo, Top 10 Animated Supervillains, Static Shock, Justice League, Teen Titans Parts 1+2, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, and Top 10 Nostalgic Songs.

Cuttles – Watcher, Joffrey, Khathulon
SerenaMidori – Rosette Daedela (2/2)
“KW” – Mr. Magnetic (2/2)
Christian Willis – Devinfirn Zandos
Hazelshotgun – Rosette (1/2)
Katsuhicon – Mr. Magnetic (1/2)
Special Guests:
Isabel Nicholls – Computer
Alex Rochon – Arguing Soldiers

Written and edited by Cuttleboss
All Art, Characters, and Backgrounds by Dave Hicks.

Dedicated to Dwayne McDuffie and H.P. Lovecraft.

Watcher of the 2000s: Top 10 Samurai Jack Episodes

Watcher recovers from his great success on Valentine’s Day with his 10 favorite Samurai Jack episodes. The series is Genndy Tartakovsky’s 2000s masterpiece about a samurai who travels the future to get back to the past to stop a demon named Aku from taking over the world. Episodes were almost all very high quality, so picking 10 was quite difficult for our hero.

This video comes with a mini AMV.