Project 13′ Story Cut

This is Project 13′, the 2013 arc of Watcher of the 2000s, in all it’s entirety. It’s a semi-dark Sci-Fi drama, presented in the webseries’ 3rd person visual novel style. There were many bumps in production, so the first 1/3 is quite different from the rest. This version cuts out all the reviewing.

This is assembled from the following episodes of Watcher of the 2000s: Johnny Bravo, Top 10 Animated Supervillains, Static Shock, Justice League, Teen Titans Parts 1+2, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, and Top 10 Nostalgic Songs.

Cuttles – Watcher, Joffrey, Khathulon
SerenaMidori – Rosette Daedela (2/2)
“KW” – Mr. Magnetic (2/2)
Christian Willis – Devinfirn Zandos
Hazelshotgun – Rosette (1/2)
Katsuhicon – Mr. Magnetic (1/2)
Special Guests:
Isabel Nicholls – Computer
Alex Rochon – Arguing Soldiers

Written and edited by Cuttleboss
All Art, Characters, and Backgrounds by Dave Hicks.

Dedicated to Dwayne McDuffie and H.P. Lovecraft.


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