Non-Stop Written Review

Non-Stop is a film in the new genre of Liamsploitation, Low to mid budget action films starring Liam Neeson. This film is awesome. Don’t mistake it as a Taken copy just because Taken essentially created the Liamsploitation Genre when before he was typecast as a mentor type, and before that, known for Schindler’s List. He makes this film very enjoyable, but that’s obvious. Even when he appears in bad film, like The Phantom Menace, he does well and improves the film.

Yes, Neeson made this film better.

So, that leaves us with the main question of this film’s quality, would it still be enjoyable if not for Liam Neeson? I think it still would. The way this film is shot and written is in a manner that’s very exciting. The plot is Liam Neeson’s character, William Marks, a retired and depressed Federal Air Marshal, gets on a plane that gets threats from a terrorist, who tries to frame him for a hijacking as well as extort 150 million dollars. Other characters are Jen (Julianne Moore), who sits next to Marks on the plane, Nancy (Michelle Dockery), the main flight attendant, Zack (Nate Parker), a prick, Fahim Nasir (Omar Metwally), our obligatory suspicious Middle Easterner than is gonna turn out completely innocent because if not the movie company is screwing itself hard, and Jack Hammond (Anson Mount), the other Air Marshal on the plane.

This film is good, it takes it time to build up its conflict, some people are going to find it boring, but I didn’t maybe because I don’t watch enough films. The only name in the film besides Neeson himself was Julianne Moore; so naturally, I was suspicious of everyone in the movie, thus the mystery element worked for me. The twists the story takes, though a little bit wacky, are actually quite good. The film isn’t nearly as action packed as you’d expect because a lot more of the suspense is in the mystery and the audience being in the same mind as Marks.

This is not really a film I’d watch again, except maybe the climax, which is very good. The twists and turns of the story is what keeps it exciting. Maybe if you want to see how the culprit acts before being exposed, you can rewatch it. The action scenes are entertaining, lots of Liam Neeson fighting people, and near the end, Liam Neeson in weird gravity situations on a plane shooting people. Like in the poster of the film.

Minor Spoiler: This great shot only happens near the end

So, another minor spoiler, there’s not much time spent of the plane crashing, it’s mostly just buildup and paranoia, so, like Snakes On A Plane, but not at all, except that it takes place on a plane. This film is just a fun time all around. It’s good for Action Junkies who can stand PG-13 films that are censored kind of strangely, and people who like Liam Neeson. Don’t come in hoping for it to be “Taken to a Plane”. It’s not. It’s its own thing, and it should be enjoyed as such.




“They might tell you you’re on a non-stop flight. Well, I don’t think I care for that. No, I insist that my flight stop! Preferably at an airport! It’s those sudden, unscheduled cornfield and housing development stops that seem to interrupt the flow of my day.”


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