Watcher of the 2000s: Top 10 Nostalgic Songs

Episode 7 (Finale) of the Project 13′ Arc
Backgrounds, Gadgets, and Character Art by Dave Hicks
Rosette Daedela voiced by SerenaMidori (
Mr. Magnetic voiced by “KW”
Devinfirn Zandos voiced by Christian Willis
Guest Voice: Alex Rochon as Soldiers 1 and 2 (

Part 1:

Mysteriously, the Watcher has reappeared in his house. Because of he’s sick of talking about superheroes; he decides to do an old fashioned list based on songs he’s connected to in the past. Obviously, things aren’t going to end that easily, though, because Khathulon has an ace up his…shell.

Part 2:
With Rosette no longer by his side, and Khathulon’s victory all but guaranteed, the Watcher starts to lose his mind. In a desperate attempt to keep on his list, he gets more and more personal as his faceoff against Khathulon draws close. When the faceoff does occur, Khathulon explains what the hell “Project 13′” really is.

Dedicated to Dwayne McDuffie and HP Lovecraft.


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