Watcher of the 2000s: The Batman Review

Episode 6 of the Project 13′ Arc (Review takes place from 1:03 – 20:47 )
Backgrounds, Gadgets, and Character Art by Dave Hicks
Rosette Daedela voiced by SerenaMidori (
Mr. Magnetic voiced by “KW”
Devinfirn Zandos voiced by Christian Willis
Khathulon voiced by Cuttleboss
Guest Voice: MischiefReviews as Computer

As things really start getting real, Watcher decides to spend some downtime talking about a not-so-stellar Batman adaptation that tried to mix Jackie Chan Adventures with Teen Titans’s art styles, and has a tone that is even more nightmarishly inconsistent than Teen Titans. Also, for our hero and the Freedom Warriors, all the really bad stuff happens.



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