What is Project 13?

So, what the hell is this Project 13 thing?

Project 13′ is a story arc created to supplement the reviews created of various DC heroes media in the Watcher of the 2000s webseries. It departs from comedic, lighthearted, storytelling that is popular for a review series and aims to create a tone similar to the Bruce Timm’s dramatic style with snarky character dialogue as comedy.

This is a Science Fiction themed story of our hero being taken to a place deep in space to meet a group of space rebels called “The Freedom Warriors”, who rebel against the regime of Khathulon, a mysterious space squid that the Watcher has interacted with since he started his show. The Watcher begins to see very harsh realities.


The Watcher: An 18 year old boy who grew up in middle class America. He is fond of talking about his childhood media to his audience, and even though he was caught off guard by his kidnapping into space, he’s ready for all sorts of fun adventures. Voiced by Cuttleboss.

Rosette Daedela: A 24 year old scientist from the planet Jyolaven that is working with the Freedom Warriors. She is a cold woman who has gotten sick of the bloody nature of the rebellion against Khathulon due to the number of casualties that were her friends. She’s really good at inventing weapons. Originally voiced by Hazelshotgun and later by SerenaMidori.

Joffrey: The eccentric service robot to the Freedom Warriors who is prone to saying the most unhelpful things. He is excellent at cleaning however. Voiced by Cuttleboss.

Mr. Magnetic: The 52 year old leader of the Freedom Warriors. He originates from a planet called Olivoi. He is fighting for democracy in the galaxy. As a powerful individual he has the ability to telekinetically move objects made of metal. Originally voiced by Katsuhicon, later by “KW”.

Zandos Portrait

Zandos: A captain of the FF, known for his brutality. He was the one that killed Mr. Magnetic’s young daughter Taira before his eyes. Voiced by Christian Willis.

Lord Khathulon: The leader of an empire of over half a million civilized planets. He was the first one to interact with the Watcher when he first started his show, and now it appears he’s far bigger than was first thought. He is said to be horrifically powerful. Voiced by Cuttleboss.

All Character Sprites and Computer Generated Imagery is created by Dave Hicks.

Project 13′ is created in honor of Dwayne McDuffie.


3 thoughts on “What is Project 13?

  1. Very big fan of your show and I hope u have fun with this and not worry about people complaining for u to hurry up and u suck or better I peffer doing my own review blah blah blah lol just be strong have fun and be creative

  2. so what are going to do after project 13? if you’re going to do second arc I always have so ideas floating around my head that I would love to share

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