The Puppeteer of Gotham (Chapter 1)

Hey everyone, this is just my first attempt to write fanfiction, essentially on impulse. This one is of Batman, and is the first chapter. I might do more, I might not.

Chapter One: A Shadow in the Docks

My name is Tyler Danning. I live in a city of psychopaths. Out there, it seems like all 8 million of us are crazy. To survive in such a place, you got to work for the ones at the top. This city belongs to Roman Sionis, one of the scariest people you’ll ever have the misfortune of meeting if you try to sabotage him. The man’s face reeks with the smell of decay and is absent of any glint of mercy. You cross him, if he gouged out your eyes personally. That’s if you were lucky. If you weren’t, he’d leave you to Waylon. No one dared to ask what becomes of Waylon Jones’ victims. All I know is that as long as Jones is paid and fed, Sionis has his trump card for any situation. Not only did Sionis rule the city, he is the law, the majority of the cops answer to him. To do “business” in Sionis’ city, you just needed to pay him 75% of your earnings, and he’ll protect you. It’s a transaction, and he never lies about the terms. Only what happens to those that don’t follow it.

It’s a dark night here in the docks, but it’s the only time we can move the tablets imported from Metropolis. The boys are talking about something striking, scraping, and solidifying its presence here in the dark. Some call it a monster who wandered into town from the swamp; some call it a man with serious mental issues. Whatever it is, the boys are afraid to leave home without automatics because of it. It doesn’t matter though, we have 6 heavily armed men on this operation, even if this thing arrives, we’ll make sure it’s the last thing he ever does.

Earl is having some trouble, saying his arm is sore. Why does it have to be now? I just want to finish this and go home. I go to help him out, since I’m just standing here with an AK anyway. I heard a rustling, but when I turned, I saw nothing in the vicinity of those crates. We loaded the shipment onto the truck, and went for another. This could not get more monotonous. It’s far past midnight and I have to do Sionis’ paperwork tomorrow morning too. I keep trying to get past this, but I swear I’m hearing the sound of some kind of cloth in that same corner of the crates I was hearing it before.

“Jerry, go check that out will ya?” is the first thing that came to mind. The noises were starting to bug me, and it’s a comfort to know I’m not the only one hearing it. I’m looking, waiting for Jerry’s signal, but then, there’s a shadow moving, and I hear a definite impact. I look to the other boys. They’re wearing my same expression.

“What now Tyler?”

I honestly have no clue. The only thing that comes to mind now is to point at the largest two of us, and order them to “Go check if Jerry’s okay.” They complied. While they walk to where Jerry was at the pace of a snail, I looked around. Suddenly, Jerry’s body suddenly flies over a crate. After flinching, the two rush to check his pulse. They turn to me and signal that Jerry is alive. However, the second they both turn to face me, it drops down and smashes their heads against each other, these two are out cold.

The head resembles a bat, but the body is more humanoid. That’s all I could get before it threw something at Warren’s left arm that penetrates the flesh like a hot knife in butter. Warren is in no condition to fire his gun when he is on the floor clasping his arm in agony. Tommy and I open fire on this thing. Whatever it is, we’re not letting it run off. It tries to jump away, and it appears even larger in midair. It must’ve been 500 pounds.

Tommy leads, and I follow. It turns a corner, avoiding our gunfire as if the bullets were moving at one tenth their normal rate. When Tommy went to turn this corner as well, this thing turns around and leaps at him, kicking Tommy in his face. Within one second, my last backup is down. This is it; I’m going to die here, aren’t I? In a town of lunatics to a monster. I heard him behind me, and I fired towards these sounds, but it all feels pointless. How am I going to defeat this thing? It’s retreated into the darkness. My only plan to illuminate the dark is to shoot at it. My flashlight is on my side, and I don’t even consider using it. Afraid to talk towards the darkness, I wait.

In the distance, I hear the sounds of grunting and punching. I want so badly to see, but I can’t move. Once it stops, I creep over slowly, back to the corner where he knocked out Tommy. Over in the distance, the 10 men we brought to load the stuff onto the truck, Warren, and the driver are all lying on the floor, some in agony and others not even moving. I still can’t spot that monster, but I also can’t take this anymore.

“Come out and face me! You’re gonna pay!”

Despite my courage claims, I’m not gonna be able to do anything but use the deadly tool in my hands when I see him. The creature must’ve known this too, because it drops harshly right on my back, it feels like I’m going to break in two. It throws my gun into the sea and grabs me by my shirt, dragging me by this suit that Sionis’ bought me when I was “made”. When it dragged me into the light, I finally saw it. He had a human face, but the scowl of the most dangerous beast in nature. In a booming voice, holding me over the sea, he asks “What does Black Mask want with these tablets?”

I didn’t have an answer. Sionis is a secretive guy, but it looks like the people he normally told didn’t know why he wanted this shipment from Metropolis either. I don’t think I’d be able to tell this psychopath even if I tried. He isn’t satisfied I see, so he actually drops me 15 feet into the waters below. I cry out

“Someone, help!”

No one is gonna hear me. Even though I can swim, I don’t have the endurance to climb back to the docks. How am I gonna live through this? I’m seriously about to die. Suddenly, I absorb the sounds of police sirens, one of the only times I’ve been delighted to hear such noises in my life. One of the policemen managed to throw a lifesaver to me before I went down.

Within ten minutes, I have a blanket and all my associates are in handcuffs. I am looking for a familiar face who is gonna tell me that I’ll walk out of this. I do find a familiar face, but not in the pleasant way. It’s detective Harvey Bullock. He wasn’t how children think of policemen, but Sionis hates that this man has no price. However, after the night I’ve had, I’d much prefer Bullock to whatever stalked us.


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