Pacific Rim Written Review

Pacific Rim. Robots punching giant monsters. Sounds fun right?It is. It’s a lot of fun. If anyone wants the review as concise as possible, that’s it.

Going into this movie, I was expecting some cool things. Guillermo Del Toro is a very gifted director, especially at creating worlds and moreso, monsters. I bet Del Toro spent a good amount of time working on the monster designs. Also, giant robots punching monsters seems promising enough. The trailer did make the premise of the film sound quite ridiculous though. Like, monsters came from another dimension through an undersea portal so be build giant robots to fight them. My reaction: That sounds so stupid, who’s directing this? Ohhh… damn… fine, I’ll give it a chance.

Strangely, the film was much more intelligent about it than I expected it to be, not that it actually reaches something smart, I just expected Transformers quality of stupid, and it wasn’t. The opening narration introduced the war and quickly tells the story of the Kaijus (the monsters), and there is even a small little section where companies started making Kaiju merchandise.

The film gets right into the action, and keeps its strong pace throughout. I didn’t get bored and start wondering when the climax was going to be like when I watched Man of Steel. Interestingly, this film doesn’t build the movie around the robots, but around the humans. The characters are interesting enough that I don’t want to punch them.

Because Michael Bay sucks at this writing thing

Why can’t you be a decently likeable character?

The film’s main appeal of monsters fighting robots is great, and there’s lots of it. It’s intense action, and most importantly, it’s easy to see which guys are the good guys and which guys are the bad guys. I mean, there’s small things I could complain about if I feel like it, for example, plan A is to always try to punch the giant monsters out. The machines are equipped with rockets and a giant sword, and the idea is to punch it? I mean, some spikes at the end of the fists would be nice if that was the case? The only problem with these robots is that only two of them are featured. You’ll see what I mean.

The monster designs are badass and cool. It’s hard to descibe, so I’ll just let this cool money shot from the movie explain for me.

This image is an explanation of something…

Casting in this film is… full of people I don’t know. The two of the three people I did know, Idris Elba and Ron Perlman put in good performances as a commander of the Jaeger (robot) division and an eccentric Kaiju black market dealer. Elba is a strong commanding figure and Ron Perlman is one of those guys who resonates awesomeness. Charlie Day was playing a Kaiju fanboy, which you’d think wouldn’t exist with how destructive these things are, but I thought back to the merchandising in the beginning of the film, and it became acceptable. Charlie Day is okay, he’s a standard comic relief character. I preferred the English guy more.

The main characters were decent. I didn’t think much of them. They had motivations, and both have some traumas to deal with, it’s standard stuff, though getting less and less standard.

This film is also very beautiful to look at. It’s even better looking than the Great Gatsby. Del Toro knows how to shoot his films ti be very visceral as well, and it helps that the action scenes are packed with money shots that made this trailer so appealing to me. Just many shots leave me saying “whoa, that’s pretty, I’m glad I came to a theatre to see this film” and that’s all that really needs to be said, this movie does its job very well, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to have a fun time. This is a proper summer blockbuster. However, I hear that Grown Ups 2, a film that looks absolutely atrocious, is out-grossing this film…. and now I’m sad.


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