Iron Man 3 Written Review


So, last night I saw Iron Man 3, the third movie in the Iron Man series, if the obvious needed to be stated.

To make my thoughts on the series brief, I thought the first one was kinda sluggish though still well made and the second was an improvement in entertainment value and themes.

My first impression upon seeing the trailer to this film is that is gonna be more serious and dark, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for basically making big cartoon movies. I was looking forward to Sir Ben Kingsley’s take on the Mandarin. A big problem with Iron Man is that the character’s rogue galley is not known, meaning much of the movie series had to be carried by its actors, particularly Robert Downey Jr.. Compare this to Batman, whose popularly known villains include not only Joker, but Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Bane, and Ra’s Al Ghul. Iron Man’s only villain that is known by anyone is The Mandarin, meaning there is a good chance that if they screw this up, comic book fans are gonna jump ship.

Ben Kingsley showing us how much culture confusion there can be in a single outfit.

The film’s trailer is incredibly uninformative of what this movie is actually about. Basically, after Tony Stark dealt with Norse Gods and The Trade Federation drones in “The Avengers”. By the way, the world is taking the whole “Aliens” thing pretty well. I like how they didn’t do that whole “cover-up” excuse like in Transformers 2. Basically Tony Stark has insomnia and passes the time by making more and cooler Iron Man suits while a terrorist called “The Mandarin” is challenging America and stuff. Along the way, Tony Stark has to struggle with his relationship with Pepper, and Tony also gets an annoying little kid sidekick.

To reveal any more of the plot would be to delve into spoilers, since I don’t want to do so yet, I’ll discuss other aspects of the film. To start, the cast: Robert Downey Jr. is fine at delivering the lines given to him, and he carries much of it with his charisma. Don Cheadle is good, working well as Tony’s foil. I never really liked Gweneth Paltrow in this series, she’s okay. The cast is overall pretty strong.

The action scenes are great, some are very creative, and most of them are adrenal as hell, especially the flying one. This film probably has better actions scenes than the first two films, though its not as strong dramatically. Due to the quirky nature of the script and the charisma of its actors, it doesn’t drag at any point, even in parts where you assume it would.

To end my spoiler free section, this is a good film, it has a lot of great twists and turns, with plenty of exciting action, and continues the story of the series very well.

So, spoilers are starting



I’ve given it my seal of approval, go watch it.

“There’s this guy, and SPOILERS!”

Alright, I want to first say the Mandarin twist is great. This is possibly the most misleading trailer I’ve seen to a film since Shutter Island. This film actually reminds me of Shutter Island quite a bit. Shutter Island was advertised as a horror film, watch below. [BTW, this film is gonna be spoiled too, if you want to avoid that, skip past this]

The twist to that movie is that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is crazy in thinking that everyone is against him, but they really aren’t. The cast was intentionally full of actors known for playing villains to put the audience in the minds of Leo’s character.

The Iron Man 3 twist of the Mandarin being a harmless actor basically treated the audience the same. We started the movie as the public in the movie, which was great. I really liked that twist.

A big problem with this film the extremis virus is very poorly defined. For example, Iron Man blew a dude’s face off, and he got up in like 5 minutes, but the guy dies if he was hit through the heart, but Guy Pearce’s character had an entire suit self destruct on him, and he was still walking around.

The other problem with the film is massive tonal inconsistencies. For example, when Tony Stark thinks Pepper dies, he still makes plenty of wisecracks towards Guy Pearce, leaving me confused as to how the movie wants me to feel. Serious scenes go silly in seconds [Guy Pearce tries to seduce Pepper goes to Happy calling Tony,and he’s unable to operate the Ipad.] and silly scenes go serious in seconds [Happy following the dudes, who has extremis and almost kill him].

However, this movie does make a great choice in making this a “Tony Stark” movie, not an “Iron Man” movie. He’s given much more identity and struggle as the man, and not as the superhero, just like The Dark Knight Rises. However, the action is the opposite side of that, having a ton of Iron Man suits that are fairly easily dispatched to the point of disappointment… like.. there’s not way the suits should be this ineffective against those virus people.

Well, that’s about it.. my closing thoughts are…

Oh yeah! Yinsen’s in this movie! Great cameo. Also, the stingers are starting to get annoying to sit through the credits for.


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