Short Story: Vending Machine

This is a comedic slice of life story I wrote to change up my work. This is basically a summary of my experiences of high school. Enjoy!

Emmy stretched her legs out as the class ends. Mr. Randolph gave the most monotonous lecture about the nature of unstable ions while also mixing stories of how he fought in Vietnam, it was tedious for Emmy to keep her notes straight with the overwhelming whiplash of trying to learn her subject, and then hearing an old man tell ancient stories to a group of people too polite to ask him to continue the lesson. When the bell rang, Emmy quickly rushed to put her binder in her bag and heads to lunch.
Emmy had to attend her community service club, which convinced teenagers to do the right thing by bribing them with college credits. She listened to the disingenuous group leader tell how the members of this group have no points, even though most people just donated to Unicef and got more than half of their points from that and it only took one event afterward. Emmy then got in line on the far side of the school to get the processed cheese on bread with chocolate milk served by the school. As she neared her target, a group of football boys revered by most of the school were allowed to jump to the front of the line. Emmy, powerless to stop them, left swiftly.
The girl went to sit with her friends on the table they’ve had since their first day in the glorified child care. They naturally conversed about an episode of a soap opera, some boys they were interested in, and certain popular music stars. Emmy was not in the mood to speak of the insipid today due to her looming history test in one hour, so she bid her acquaintances farewell and headed off to the library to study until whatever part of her would fall off.
The bell rings and she has to head to her class, an English class taught by Ms. Irwin, who loved Jesus a little too much for her own good. Emmy entered the classroom everyday confronted by the eyes of our savior on four different posters in the room. Since today was a matching activity with partners, Emmy got time to study while Ms. Irwin explained what an anecdote was in massive detail.
Right before the test, Emmy stopped by a vending machine when the realization that she had not eaten a lunch caught up to her. She looked at her choices: processed salty stuff, processed sweet stuff, processed sweet stuff in the shape of anthropomorphic bears, salted nuts with unfitting raisins, bar of sugar, and spiced baked dough-like substance. The last one seemed the most filling, so she put her coins in for that. The machine pushed it out…mostly. It hung on the edge and was not going to fall. Looking at her phone, she has 5 minutes before the bell rings and her class is one third of a mile away. Emmy tries to shake the machine, hoping for the bag to fall, but to no avail. With no other option, she bought the salted nuts located above her bag of red powder to knock both of the foods down and ran to take her test.
The spiced dough like substance helped a little, but the salted nuts made her lose concentration; forgetting the name and target location of a bomb used to exterminate an entire city of people. Feeling lost, she wrote “The Nuke, The Twin Towers”. One can imagine how the test went with answers like that. When she took the bus home, Emmy’s first instinct was to throw her bag on the floor and eat some real food, in this case, a ham and cheese sandwich.


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